The Warborn

Like the great primates of the jungles of Taphria, orcs are strong and robust beings. In battle they seem able to resist the most terrible wounds and still continue fighting. Distinctive features include large fangs and the earthy hues of their hide - from ochre to green to darkest brown - all combining to give them a terrifying and wild aspect.The goblins, while sharing certain traits with their larger kin, are very different. Smaller in size and less physically powerful, they demonstrate exceptional cunning, treachery and malice. Their large noses and ears make them excellent trackers and explorers. Throughout history, the “warborn” seem to appear from nowhere, emerging in huge swarms from deep forests, caves, and any wild region. Orcs in particular are extremely aggressive, showing a passionate love of fighting seemingly for its own sake. Their movements have proven virtually impossible to track, while goblins can be more sedentary, with some claiming they dwell in great hidden cities, accounts of which are difficult to verify.