A Beastmaster’s Journal on Orcs and Goblins

Though I believe we Daeb have little more to learn of taming the creatures of this world, I have found some profit in an interrogation of members of the Warborn races. It seems their relationship with beasts is closer to that of unruly siblings than master and servant.Orcs appear to make connections with creatures as brutal and stubborn as themselves. Giants, boars, wyverns are treated as comrades in arms, earning glory and feasting on the spoils, tusk to tusk in the mud and gore.Meanwhile, goblin lairs are all but impossible to scout, protected as they are by the myriad beasts of cave, forest, plains and more. Guardians and crude avatars, the wretches all but worship the things with the largest teeth and claws - anything to preserve their own feeble forms. Still, the arrangement is effective. I must find a way to harness it.