A researcher’s notes on Orc broods

Increasingly convinced orc society organised by birthgroups (broods) - comprising all individuals emerging at same site. Each group competes for dominance of the tribe. Brood alphas vie to be warchief.
Individual observations (working names):
Gustav - member of youngest brood. Extremely unruly behaviour; he and siblings are feverishly eager to fight.
Heidi - used to be much wilder. As brood has grown, she has developed basic weaponcraft & some modicum of discipline in battle.
Henning - from oldest brood. Produces the heaviest, most advanced iron weapons and armours of the tribe. Calmer but unflinching in battle.
Wilhelm - outlived rest of brood. Fights alone, never socialises with other broods. Increasingly speaks only to shamans.

Saw Wilhelm leaving into the wilderness, purpose unclear. Has not returned after several weeks.