A Nation of Heroes

Equitaine is a nation built on personal heroics and individual honour, dating back to the days of their founding king, Uther. Knights are most esteemed here, and a mastery of mounted combat makes the lance the weapon of choice, and armour the height of fashion. Women are venerated in Equitaine for their connection with the fabled Lady, who serves as both deity and mysterious power preserving the land. To many, the Equitan feudal armies of knight and peasant seems antiquated, yet they continue to exert great military power, and their Crusades to seek the lost Grail have brought much of northern Taphria under their sway. In the Crusades, as in all things, the nobility are expected to lead from the fore, and success or failure oft turns upon their might. These are lessons for the young Equitan king to learn, and learn well, if his dynasty is to endure amidst other strong Houses.