Restrictions of Movement on Celeda Ablan and the Pearl Harbour

Do the HE allow humans or other humanoids to enter their island?

I believe i have referred in the past to opportunities to consult texts at one of the great elven universities on Celeda Ablan. It was one of the finer moments of my academic career, but it was not without risk. Humans, and any other outsider, who visit the elven cities on Celeda Ablan take their life in their own hands.

Provided you are wise, listen to your minders, and don’t stray beyond the permitted spaces, you should survive to return to the ships in harbour. Yet the highborn are difficult to predict at times, and easily offended. Even without knowing it, one can ruin their reputation irreparably with their hosts.

Just to enter the Pearl Harbour one must await their approval upon the desolate Rock, some way off the coast, to be vetted and scrutinised at their leisure. I have waited a week there before, only to be turned away for little more reason than the wrong form of greeting from the captain of the ship I travelled upon. Fortunately, a makeshift market upon the Rock has sprung up, to prevent such journeys from being a complete waste.

Discussions of the defensive situation of their home island is difficult at best, but the Highborn Elves do maintain military forces across their island, suggesting they are at least conscious of threats arriving on the island - or some which may already exist. One rumour said a scrapling infestation had taken root in marshes to the southeast of Celeda Ablan. If true, that would be remarkable, and perhaps embarrassing. I wouldn’t raise it with an elf in whose good books you wish to remain.