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Here you will find the rule books needed to play our games as well as community support tools and background documents about the universe where the game takes place.
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The 9th Age: Quick Starter / Essence of War

Essence of War rules

The 9th Age: Quick Starter is our introductory game, meant for players new to the world of wargaming in The 9th Age as well as for veteran gamers looking for short games.
The 9th Age: Quick Play - Essence of War is a rework of this game. It aims at replacing our Quick Starter, and it is currently in a public testing phase. We welcome all feedback about it on the forum to help us improve it!

The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles

Legendary Editions

Background, colour artwork, rules and points combined in a single document. Before downloading: Choose the desired quality & content

Low Q. / Mobile
High Q. / Print

Full content
Content without points
Background only

Slim Editions

These books represent the standard rules for playing The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles, and are allowed in all standard T9A games. The Rulebook is frozen (save for minor errata), but the 16 Army Books and the Arcane Compendium are periodically updated, either in the form of new Army Books, or balance updates.

Slim Editions are printer-friendly documents in black and white without background or artwork, designed to be easily carried on battlefields.


The following books represent additions to the Core Rules, which are available for use and offer a more varied gaming experience when combined with the Core Rules. While these supplements follow our general guidelines for quality and balance, they significantly increase the complexity of the game such that you need permission from your opponent or the Tournament Organizer to use them.

Gaming Material

Art & Background

Alternative Games

Alternative games set in the world of the Ninth Age.

The Ninth Scroll

The 9th Scroll

The 9th Age’s very own magazine! Brought to you every two months, the ’Scroll’ brings you a variety of articles for The 9th Age universe. From background texts to battle reports, painting guides, and army showcases, the 9th Scroll has it all!