Warriors of the Dark Gods

No Masters, No Mercy

Behind its high walls, civilisation believes itself safe. Law, morality, order – these are its shields. But from places of power and even within their very borders, a threat grows. Come to tear down those walls, to break chains and destroy the very foundations of order: tremble before the Warriors of the Dark Gods!

The seven Dark Gods require followers - the Paths to Ascension are treacherous, and those who fall by the wayside are fuel for the fires of the Abyss. Yet there is no shortage of those willing to swear their soul in exchange for the power of the Seven and even the slim chance of immortality or true greatness. Clad in hell-forged armour and wielding weapons their former bodies could barely lift, the Warriors of the Dark Gods are a terror to behold, even without the monsters that often accompany them into battle.


The Warriors of the Dark Gods army has many different options for its players. It can play as an army consisting of mostly monsters and monstrous units, many medium sized units, or an army combining heavy infantry with powerful cavalry. This army is mostly focused on close combat and is not able to inflict damage at range without using magic.