Vermin and their Relationship to Other Races

Q: Are Beast Herds, Saurian Ancients and Vermin Swarm connected? All of them are bi-pedal animalistic humanoids?

A: No doubt each would be horrified at the thought they should be defined by humanity’s standards! The Saurians have long been believed to be among the oldest of beings, unchanged from the times they claimed dominion over the world.Beasts have also existed for as long as written, carved or painted documentation can prove, yet theirs is a story of changing appearance. For reasons held closely among themselves, their forms have shifted and adapted over the Ages, never static, always advancing. It is speculat-ed that this ensures the growth and survival of the Herds, which I could well believe. By contrast to the others, Vermin were never documented before the fall of Avras. In those ter-rible events, the Swarm arose to dominance in Vetia, an empire forged with a speed that defied all expectation.I know of no scholar who has managed to prove any clear connection or shared root between these three very different species, but I look forward to reading such a thesis