The Vermin Yoke

Long centuries did we suffer under the vermin yoke, and long were the great shrines of Avras left de-filed, before Sunna finally returned to rekindle the flame of human strength.Coming as the mightiest of warriors, one whom kings and rulers followed naturally as disciples, Sunna lead our great crusade against the many enemies we so recently confronted. Always re-member the great peril of our species, and the danger of annihilation we faced, before the God-dess drove our armies through their defences and finally reclaimed Avras as our own. The Adver-sary was slain by her hand. Friends, never forget the joy of these tidings! Sunna has liberated the holy city of Men and Women, and humans once more dwell among the mighty avenues, and once more pray in the Holy Sepulchre, where lies her sword Sonnstahl! Our task now is that of preach-ing the blessed truth of the Goddess to those who were not there to bear witness.