The Emergence of the Rat Kings

To all that are in Avras, beloved of Sunna: May the dawn forever shine upon you. First, I thank my saviour for you all, that your faith is proclaimed throughout the whole world. In these dark times I counsel you to give thanks in turn for your holy life in the city of Sunna herself. The Goddess blessed the site of its foundation at the moment of man-kind’s awakening, and from it arose the first great civilisation of humanity, a fearsome empire that held up the light of our species like a dazzling torch, surpassing even the brilliance of the elder races.What a city was Avras of ancient times, that mag-nificent crossroads of East and West! The citizens strode gleaming streets; streets teeming with every goodly thing. Libraries overflowed and the great forums thronged with insight and sophis-tication. The mighty government marshalled the full resources of the vastness of the Empire. And at its centre stood the Holy Sepulchre itself, dedi-cated to the Goddess of the Sun and her pantheon.But like all lights, Avras attracted the vilest of in-sects and parasites. Its noble leaders fell to the in-fluence of such unspeakable abominations, com-ing to value power for themselves over the good of human civilisation. The conquering hero, Gaius Dexion, with his ageless, southern Queen by his side, came to blows with the Senate and its champion, the merciless Tiberian, and the Empire sank into civil war. Sunna abandoned those who bowed to the sinful impulses of our species, and at the height of the conflict there emerged a monstros-ity greater than any before imagined: the vile rat Kings and their unending tide of vermin.The pestilence devoured Avras with ungodly speed, and soon the rats had spread to every cor-ner of the Empire, consuming all in their path and returning humankind to its primordial state of squalor and servitude. Heaping humiliation upon humiliation, the rodents proclaimed themselves the heirs of the Empire, preening and cavorting in their warped perversion of the customs and styl-ings of the Avrasi people and their rulers. Long centuries did we suffer under the vermin yoke, and long were the great shrines of Avras left defiled, before Sunna finally returned to rekindle the flame of human strength.Coming as the mightiest of warriors, one whom kings and rulers followed naturally as disciples, Sunna lead our great crusade against the many enemies we so recently confronted. Always remember the great peril of our species, and the danger of annihilation we faced, before the Goddess drove our armies through their defences and finally reclaimed Avras as our own. The Adversary was slain by her hand. Friends, never forget the joy of these tidings! Sunna has liberated the holy city of Men and Women, and humans once more dwell among the mighty avenues, and once more pray in the Holy Sepulchre, where lies her sword Sonnstahl! Our task now is that of preach-ing the blessed truth of the Goddess to those who were not there to bear witness.