The Bell Tolls

Q: Why do the Vermin Swarm have such an affinity for bells?

A: Stories vary as to why those men-sized rats took such a liking to bells that they would create instruments of magic and war from them, bringing them to bear in Sunna’s time. Some claim they took the symbols from the temples of Avras, the city of their "birth" and put them to use in all their terrible rites. Certainly, it is true to say there have been many groups of vermin displaying the arms and armour of that noble city.Another theory tells that in the Deeps, where few save dwarves and rats dare to tread, light sources are few and far between. Fire can turn air to poison or ignite pockets of gas with deadly consequences. In that world, messages can be communicated better by sound than using visible methods.For myself, it could be a combination of both, or perhaps they simply stumbled upon a magical ritual using a bell and decided to keep it. Whatever the reasons, no one can dispute that blood runs cold at the sound of those tolling bells.