An Empire Collapsed?

There is no longer any doubt that vermin still live, but since being driven back into the earth by Sunna’s victory it is hard to gauge their strength. Unable to work beneath the light of the sun they must contest for the gloomy depths; no doubt some of their old tunnels remain, but without their former vigour, it is dubious whether they have been maintained. Scholars debate: did their defeat cause a weakness of the mind or did their habits, their lack of sunlight and fresh food cause a weakness of the body? Whatever the cause, they are a broken nation, and long may they remain so.

It is reported that in other lands, away from the light of Sunna, they have retained a fraction of their former hubris. There are tales from the north of whitefurred snow vermin, who live in cold castles of ice, still carrying the eagle standard. Likewise, the Daeb must be lax in their stewardship of the Westlands, for there are reports of vermin ships calling out of the ports of Silexia to harry our galleons. I am, as yet, unconvinced by these tales, but it is clear that there is much we don’t know about the former scourge of humanity.