A Glimpse into the Eaves

I’m not from around here - thought the forest was nothing but a plain old forest. Didn’t know well enough to be afraid. Sill, could hear my heart like a beating drum, cos there weren’t no sound or movement in the trees. But there was something in the air that I couldn’t right describe. After what felt like years I finally heard something. It got closer and closer, til I realised it was the sound of heavy hooves. It seemed to come from everywhere at once, echoing around the forest. I was paralysed, stood waiting for the gods know what to happen. Then it stopped, and I turned and saw the most beautiful creatures, ridden by tall men and women holding long spears. Least I think they were men – there weren’t no expressions on their faces. Looked right past me. I was so shocked I stumbled forwards and must have hit my head, because the next thing I know I came around and I’m in the middle of a field. And I tell you, it took me some time to find the nearest pub.