A Mystery from the Dawn of Time

Of all the mysterious beasts that plague this world, the Saurians are surely the most poorly understood. Reptiles of varying size that walk like men, they are encountered commonly enough that their existence is beyond doubt, but their true nature and objectives continue to escape our knowledge. Of special interest is their possible connection to ancient myths of reptilian demigods or daemons who supposedly subjugated all peoples in a global empire of oppression.

Long study of the many sources on saurian lore leads me to conclude that there is little, if anything, that links the creatures found today to those of the "Dawn Age". If there was indeed an ancient empire, its descendants were scattered by its fall, and survive today in a series of enclaves within hidden or well-protected regions of the world. There is reason to believe that several of these have since re-established contact and operate as a larger alliance of some kind, while others remain isolated. Though these confederated enclaves have no easily discernible leadership or government, some theorise they are united by a common religious or philosophical mission. Understanding of this mission, if there is one, is not helped by their inability to speak any comprehensible language.