Gila, Skinks and Caiman

Day 32
My presence remains undetected, and the new vantage point has proven most fruitful. I believe I have finally confirmed von Möltburg’s conjecture that the microcephalic quadrupedal specimens he dissected after the Renzigen Expedition are in fact the males of the species. Four to twenty inches in length, they are barely sentient, capable of little
more than fertilising eggs almost as large as they are.

Day 33
Well, it seems we can conclusively discard old Gahlengeld’s theory that the “Gila” form a hereditary warrior caste. In over three weeks I have yet to observe any difference in the social roles fulfilled between them and the smaller “Skinks”. Interactions in general are remarkably non-hierarchical for such a primitive society. It would appear their respective roles in times of war are driven by necessity rather than inborn right.

Day 34
At last! A glimpse of the elusive “Caiman”. It wandered in at dawn, clearly no permanent part of the community, but welcome nonetheless. Spent over four hours observing it arrange shells in elaborate patterns along the riverbank, oblivious in childlike wonder. Even the other saurians avoided it, casting quizzical glances at its works.