Atua and the Origins of the Saurians

Much of our scant knowledge of the Saurians comes indirectly from the human nations who live in closer proximity to their enclaves. While attempts to communicate directly with the minds of their corpulent, allegedly mind-reading mages typically ends in even greater confusion or madness, there are some who over the centuries have discerned more useful information. Of particular interest is the account of the natives of the southern Sunrise Sea archipelagos, who speak of a mighty, but exceedingly dangerous island of Saurians which they call "Atua".

Though no Vetian has ever laid eyes on it, it is said that Atua is the greatest of the surviving Saurian enclaves, and that it was Atuan Saurians who first sought out and united other groups into the so-called "Vitalist" confederation we observe in modern times. It is this alliance which is responsible for its bizarre and seemingly random attempts to influence world affairs, so it is said, to advance a grand cosmic crusade against entropy itself.

According to the locals, the potent amphibian-like mages of the Saurians are not, as the superstitious assume, immortal creatures hailing from the primordial Dawn Age itself, but relatively new beings, a species which only reappeared in recent centuries. Some sources suggest this emergence may have coincided with the global upheaval triggered by the Inferno event in the Age of Waste, but this must remain mere speculation.