Saurian Ancients

Secrets of the Lost Empire

Most enigmatic of the Elder Races, many believe the Saurians built sophisticated civilisations when the elves were still dressed in animal furs. Obsessed with purposes only they can comprehend, the scaled legions are found wherever they are least expected, dealing bloodshed or bestowing aid with equally indecipherable motives. Do not try to understand or bargain with them, for they ruled this earth at its dawn, and they have not forgotten the true glory of the Saurian Ancients.

Described in the oldest myths as tyrants, the time of the Saurians and the Dawn Age ended when they were cast down by subjugated races, or else swallowed by the sea in some great cataclysm of that turbulent time. Ruins that remain, even in the heart of Vetia, attest that Saurians built structures greater than any seen today. Their descendants endure, and sightings have been reported from ocean, desert and jungle alike. None can know the true scope of their civilisation, but all accounts agree that their warriors act with an unnerving unity of purpose.

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Since the destruction of the Dawn Age empire, saurians have largely tried to stay hidden, only emerging to further the aims of their mysterious philosophy. They dwell in secret enclaves, which can be located wherever the temperature is warm enough to support cold-blooded metabolism.


The Saurian Ancients army either supports its troops with magic and spells or uses these tricks to try to blast the opponent off the board. The Saurian Ancients can muster some medium sized combat troops to engage and block the opponent and then counter their opponents with monsters. A general commanding the Saurian Ancients can choose from a variety of troops and units to win the day against their opponent!

Lore of Saurian Ancients

Fragments Regarding the Saurians

Lorentum, 933
Battalion of waiting saurians showed synchronised excitability at the same instant. No clear provocation. Prelate Abbinger theorises long-distance shared emotional connection.

Northern Equitaine, 936
Two dozen smaller saurians brought stones bearing intricate, highly structured non-repeating patterns. Departed after depositing stones at crossroads.

Nedarac, 947
Saurians presented poor renderings of Arandad writing in apparent attempt to share philosophical ideas with Highborn scholars. After study, the messages dismissed as superstition; the saurian emissaries slain.

Chensk, Volskaya, 948
8,000-strong saurian warparty appeared in the night with no warning. Levelled town, leaving ruins arranged in indecipherable pattern. Departed before state forces could engage.

Monopatea, 951
Large saurian party arrived at height of famine. Left 150 barrels of fruit and grain of tropical origin.

Nebelak, Augean subcontinent, 959
Infernal colony captured by saurians accompanied by giant scaled monsters, previously only ever sighted in Virentia. Inhabitants enslaved, made to construct monoliths, until freed by relief army.

Fragment of report found among the affairs of Marshal Schaumhauser.

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