An Orc prisoner witnesses the Games

The Warborn are a paradox. On the one hand, they are the most ferocious beasts of war. On the other, observing them in their daily life, they sometimes look like actors playing a comedy. One that can suddenly become a terrifying tragedy, of course. As their prisoner, I witnessed the bizarre series of challenges known as the Games. They began with the most comical, or the one which earned the greatest laughter: the launch of the piglets. It was astonishing how quickly something really gory could become something sacred and venerated, as is so common in Warborn culture.

Each orc group deployed a team of two, equipped with a furry pig anointed with a special oil by the shamans. It seems this oil prevented the pig from burning too easily or too fast. Once the warlord gave the sign, all the piglets were set ablaze and launched. Theoretically, the one reaching the farthest distance is the winner. Obviously, the game was soon reduced to chaos: some of the pigs died instantly, others galloped directly into the camp, setting ablaze whatever they touched. When the winner is finally determined, if it is still alive, it is consecrated and considered untouchable until the following year, while all the others are soon slaughtered by the crowd and devoured.