Orcs and Goblins

The Warborn

Appearing from nowhere and swarming the lands like a tsunami, the Warborn have emerged in every continent across the world for as long as any can remember. With a never-ending love of conflict, and many hidden enclaves of which few outsiders are aware, it is only a matter of time before you face the twin threat of the Orcs and Goblins.

The nomadic orc tribes seem to self-generate periodically in large numbers, and are always on the move. Thanks to unfathomable methods of reproduction and with no fixed encampments, they are like a brushfire, stamped out one minute only to spring up again the next. Trickier and more treacherous than their larger relatives, the mysterious goblins protect their own existence through a complex network of secret enclaves, waging war through a union of cunning tactics, improbable monsters and the use of potent hallucinogenic substances.

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Most major nations have curtailed Warborn populations within their borders, but none have succeeded in eliminating them entirely. The greatest orc hordes can be found in the wild places, endlessly roaming, looking for the next big fight. Goblins live in cities or camps known as Gardens, often kept hidden and secret, and sometimes even moving entirely.


Orcs and Goblins can often be played by sending many different monsters to overwhelm the opponents, paired with close combat units trying to rush opposing forces. A completely different approach is a large army mostly consisting of big units of Orcs and Goblins to catch the opponent and to then get in for the kill with. Orcs and Goblins armies can also consist of a more balanced approach with close combat units and shooting units with mounted characters for support.

Lore of Orcs and Goblins

A researcher’s notes on Orc broods

Increasingly convinced orc society organised by birthgroups (broods) - comprising all individuals emerging at same site. Each group competes for dominance of the tribe. Brood alphas vie to be warchief.
Individual observations (working names):
Gustav - member of youngest brood. Extremely unruly behaviour; he and siblings are feverishly eager to fight.
Heidi - used to be much wilder. As brood has grown, she has developed basic weaponcraft & some modicum of discipline in battle.
Henning - from oldest brood. Produces the heaviest, most advanced iron weapons and armours of the tribe. Calmer but unflinching in battle.
Wilhelm - outlived rest of brood. Fights alone, never socialises with other broods. Increasingly speaks only to shamans.

Saw Wilhelm leaving into the wilderness, purpose unclear. Has not returned after several weeks.

Field notes of researcher Johan Möhring

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