Orcs and Goblins

The Warborn

Appearing from nowhere and swarming the lands like a tsunami, the Warborn have emerged in every continent across the world for as long as any can remember. With a never-ending love of conflict, and many hidden enclaves of which few outsiders are aware, it is only a matter of time before you face the twin threat of the Orcs and Goblins.

The nomadic orc tribes seem to self-generate periodically in large numbers, and are always on the move. Thanks to unfathomable methods of reproduction and with no fixed encampments, they are like a brushfire, stamped out one minute only to spring up again the next. Trickier and more treacherous than their larger relatives, the mysterious goblins protect their own existence through a complex network of secret enclaves, waging war through a union of cunning tactics, improbable monsters and the use of potent hallucinogenic substances.

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Most major nations have curtailed Warborn populations within their borders, but none have succeeded in eliminating them entirely. The greatest orc hordes can be found in the wild places, endlessly roaming, looking for the next big fight. Goblins live in cities or camps known as Gardens, often kept hidden and secret, and sometimes even moving entirely.


Orcs and Goblins can often be played by sending many different monsters to overwhelm the opponents, paired with close combat units trying to rush opposing forces. A completely different approach is a large army mostly consisting of big units of Orcs and Goblins to catch the opponent and to then get in for the kill with. Orcs and Goblins armies can also consist of a more balanced approach with close combat units and shooting units with mounted characters for support.

Lore of Orcs and Goblins

The Festival of the Bear’s Heart

Best day of the year, to our orcish cousins? Feast of Zagjan, others also call it Festival of the Bear’s Heart. Three days of drinkin’, fightin’ and feastin’, and whats more is it’s for the gods and that means the Big Boss foots the bill. With all those hungry and fighty orcs around, it’s a dangerous place to stand when you’re little - so we goblins tend to steer clear, just like most outsiders, unless you can rely on the Warlord for protection.

Best days means great, exciting brawls! Orcs like to scuffle, to beat each other, even if killing is forbidden, “accidents” can happen. Broods clash with each other to prove they are better at fighting and hunting: something hard for us to cope with since we love the secrecy of night and caves, while they love their open, ridiculously direct and brutal fights. Where we love politics and value our sneaky tricks, they love conquering others, burning through resources and consuming all they can find on their way.

Ah, I loved being there at the legendary Feast, where the most important business of the tribe usually takes place. Whenever the brood of the Warlord isn’t winning, he might have bigger issues than the contests, and he may need to crack some skulls, or his own might end up on a plate.

Survival of the fittest, of the strongest, or the one most able to win a fight is what drives the apparently simple mind of our bigger cousins, but what the eyes of humans and elves can’t see is deep into the blood of the orcs! While the others are entangled in senseless luxuries, pleasures and wasteful arts, our cousins do everything to overwhelm their weakness and those of their enemies!

Madness and chaos is all you would see but challenges everywhere is what an orc sees. Fighting or hunting, brawling or chopping, drinking or riding, everything has a purpose: proving their brood is better than all others. This way they train every day and this way they prepare to crush their enemies.

All kinds of games happen across the Festival, some of them known even among you humans. Most famous to you lot is the Flight of the Flaming Pig.
Oh, you’d love to see it. You know, orcs love those furry wild pigs! We hate em’, but that fur could blunt a stabber and gets stuck in the teeth. Which is why their shamans created this salve to burn the hair off. It was supposed to cook the pig too, only... Well, one shaman uses the salve and sets fire to a live wild pig, decides to throw it in his panic and you have a burning pig that sets fire to a whole camp, suddenly you have a new orc sport.

Something which has such a destructive potential is something an orc loves. So every brood picks its biggest orc to launch a pig. To see them lined up, they look like a battlement of rockets. When the Warlord raises his hand, all of the pigs are ignited by another orc, and when the hand is lowered, the pigs are hurled.

What happens next is in the hands of the orc-gods, and it’s a terrible mess if you ask me. Once all the flames are extinguished, the pig that went farthest wins - or rather its brood does. This pig does get to live - that fur grows back thicker than ever - and they make the best mounts. For the rest? Well, let’s just say roast pork is the main dish on the third day’s feasting, and it never tasted so good.

– Excerpt from A Thousand Nights: from the Caves of Western Augea to the city of Avras, by Sventaromsag, goblin translator of Lord Heinrich

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