The Great Khanate

If there were ever large numbers of ogres in Vetia, they were dislodged by the elder empires of the Golden Age. It is said that ogres consider their true home to be the great rolling grasslands that cover the vastness of central Augea: a mighty Steppe of which only a tiny portion - the Makhar - remains this side of the Wasteland.

Before the Wasteland’s creation, however, it is known that the ogres once ruled a giant empire, perhaps the largest in history, spanning the greater part of Augea and Vetia, united under their famed Qenghet Khan - though records indicate it later fractured into five still-enormous kingdoms. The two westernmost were hardest hit by the Ages of Ruin and the Inferno, with the survivors uniting under the legendary hero-saviour Tsanas, who (according to myth) lead his people to the mountain fortress where they finally defeated the plague of daemons unleashed by the magical conflagration. A troubled history, to be sure, but nevertheless a source of great pride among the tribes we see today.