Ogres and the Trade Routes East

The Steel Road is an endeavour of titanic proportions, and it is believed to have been prompted by centuries of bitter clashes between ogre caravans crossing the Blasted Plain and Infernal legions seeking to secure trade routes. However, the dwarves of that region have ever been secretive with their intentions, and who can say if their true purpose is so simple. After all, Infernal ambitions have changed the world once before.

Where is the domain of the Ogre Khans? Can they be found in other regions? The Ogre Khans control large swathes of Augea, in and around the Sky Mountains. The Silk Road passes through much of their territory, allowing for trade between Tsuandan and Vetian nations. However, like all peoples, Ogres can be found beyond this one location. Ogres often find work as mercenaries. Contingents can be found fighting for all manner of employers, where the deal is right. They also hold outposts around the Sea of Gods, to facilitate the caravans trekking the long Silk Road and arriving in Avras or other Vetian cities.