Epic of Tsanas

In the time of great suffering
The lands boiled
The skies darkened.
Water turned to acid, food warped and spoiled
And every kind of unnatural, despicable creature
Poured forth across the lands
As a horde of malice.
The tide swept all before it,
They weren’t few, but countless,
The hearts of those who saw them stopped.
The Myahet were driven before them
Scattered to the four winds.
Among the daemons were
The Shapeshifter and The Decaying,
Terrifying brutes and powerful sorcerers,
Armed with iron chains and flying disks
Who didn’t spare at all
The souls of their enemies.
With these two also arrived
Writhing, bloodthirsty creatures
Of every shape and hideous kind.
The greatest of them all
Was Foloy the Skullbringer
A red giant wearing heavy iron coats.
You should have seen Foloy -
He was ready to pounce like a sabretooth tiger,
His fearsome axes were as big as a cauldron
His red hide impenetrable,
He had huge horns and ragged wings.
The destructive infidels
Shouted with rage.
Receiving the order from their khan,
The daemons set out
From the vast Wasteland.
They had living chariots, crushers,
Hellhounds and pestilent beasts,
These teeming infidels
Had numerous daemonic engines as well.
The teeming legions marched,
A thick forest, a relentless flood,
Waving their spotted banners,
They weren’t few, but many.
None could oppose the spawn-kin
Until the great Tsanas rallied
The surviving Myahet at Home Peak,
And charged with them into terrible battle.
The mountain ran with blood and corpses
The daemons were so many.
But such was the strength of mighty Tsanas,
He slew The Shapeshifter
He slew The Decaying,
And countless more.
Then did huge Foloy, the Skullbringer,
Issue a great challenge.
Tsanas, Khan of Khans,
Strode across the battle to meet him.
The red giant buried his axes
In Tsanas’ belly.
But even in death, the hero
Took Foloy’s head with his hammer.
The daemons fled in terror,
And the Myahet pursued.