Ogre Khans

Feast and Fortune

Masters of the great plains and mountains of Augea, ogres are among the toughest of all creatures. Famed for their appetites and their brutality alike, the tribes are feared around the world. Do not anger them, for their fury is legendary - and only a fool would stand before the earth-shaking footfall of the Ogre Khans!

Steppe ogres and mountain ogres have developed two quite different cultures. Both are rich and ancient, and can be reasoned with - provided you respect their traditions, and lay on a sufficient banquet. In the days of the greatest Khan of Khans, ogres walked as masters of the great nation of Tsuandan, or so their campfire lore speaks. Today, their reach encompasses the Silk Road, giving access to the wares and riches of many nations. Trading caravans often employ tribes of ogres for protection, often against their own kin. These mercenaries can be as treacherous as they are hungry, for they have come to respect the power of coin, at least so far as outsiders are concerned.

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As it has for as long as tales tell, the heart of ogre power remains the Sky Mountains and the steppe to the north.

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Many Ogres choose to leave their lands in search of fame, fortune and feasts. The Silk Road, in particular, crosses much of their lands, and represents one of the busiest East-West trade routes, rivalled only by seafaring trade and the modern Steel Road. This presents a perfect chance for ogres to exercise their prowess, with many of the mightiest mercenary companies counting ogres among their elites or commanders.


This army uses units loaded with mighty characters and many hard hitting monsters supported by magic and shooting units. There is also a playstyle featuring many small units overloading the opponent with threats and targets.

Lore of Ogre Khans

Your magnificent excellency, The ogres are...

Your magnificent excellency,
The ogres are mercenaries, plain and simple. They may not seek out violence if there is no need (war costs money), but neither will they hesitate to employ it to secure their trade interests. Their existence in the mountains, where nothing grows, depends on a monopoly of the wealth that travels through them. Any substance that moves east or west in this world - unless it takes the Steel Road - incurs the ogre tithe. Many are the great leaders of Sagarikadesha who have attempted to move their goods past or around the mountains without negotiating - all have lost in blood what they would not pay in gold.

If you seek to avoid these wretched middlemen, there is only one option - and that is to pay up for an ocean voyage departing the southern ports. Even this brings risk of reprisal if the ogres catch wind - and the Highborn leverage their control of the seas no less ruthlessly than the khans do that of the land. Remember that the Khaganate founded by Bayalag, which ruled Sagarika for several centuries, was originally intended simply to ensure the continued use of his trade routes. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that we could see another Sagarikan khanate in our lifetimes.

Letter to Amara Nayar, Raja of the Chungsar kingdom in Sagarika, Background Compendium, 9th Scroll Issue 8.

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