The Lady and Sunna

Ask not a noble of the Kingdom if Sunna is the same ‘Lady’ that the Kingdom of Equitaine wor-ship!, lest your head be parted from your shoulders!” was the Sage’s reply to one of my questions. Equitaine and Sonnstahl are two neighbouring nations, yet very much distinct. One is a Kingdom, led by Henry the Young. While his father might have let such an insult pass, the son is a very different prospect. He has reignited the Equitan urge to quest the world in the name of their Lady. The other is an Empire, commanded by an Emperor currently drawn from the family Rothmeyer, with their own expansionist agenda, establishing colonies across the Great Ocean. The Lady certainly has a distinct and unique form of worship, differing from the organised Church of Sunna. There are some who claim Sunna was a representation of the Lady given flesh, others that the Lady is simply an alternative name given to Sunna by a neighbouring nation. “To the devout of either, such commingling may be taken as blasphemy - and those followers are not slow to express their displeasure in very pointed fashion.