King Henry the Young

Q: How and why did King Henry the Young become king?

A: I suppose it would be too trite to respond: ”His father died!”. A serious answer then. To understand the full story, you’d have to learn the lives of the last three generations of Equitan nobility. Charles the Strong, Henry’s grandfather, was accounted a great king. Under his rule, Equitaine gained much land and wealth over years of crusading. The crowning achievement being the capture of Avras. One might expect a golden age for a nation after such glories, yet the reversal was swift. Charles’ son, Luis, was named ”the Meek” for his temperament and fortunes. Within a decade, much of the previous gains had been relinquished. Even Avras pulled away, with General Fontaine renouncing his Equitan loyalties. Meanwhile Sonnstahl forged a union with Destria, intent upon reasserting dominance in Vetia. After the Battle of Moitiers, Luis fell ill and died shortly after, long before his time. This thrust his son, Henry, into the fore. The Young King has begun well, re-establishing links with Volskaya and proclaiming bold ambitions for his reign. Time will tell the truth of such notions.