Elves, from the perspective of the Mad Hermit

Aloof, conceited, self-righteous...should I keep going? Of course, they got that way by living in those sky-poking towers, I’ve always said so. Living in towers is an old Arandai tradition - done it ever since they tiptoed out of the big forest and started lording it over the rest of us. Didn’t stop with the hills and valleys - next it was the rivers and the oceans. Discovered their precious whitecliffed islands and built towers there too. Imaginatively called them "Celeda Ablan" - White Islands. As if the towers weren’t exclusive enough - talk about a superiority complex.

But the islands weren’t enough, oh no. Soon they were back! Tried to rule the forests again - Sylvans didn’t take too kindly to that, let me tell you. Gave "logging rights" to the dwarves, ha! Them beardies had a few things to say when the vicious ones in the woods started killing them as soon as they came near. To a dwarf, anything with pointy ears looks the same. There was some bad blood in them times...oh gods, so much blood. Didn’t end there, neither. When things turned south in times of Ruin, Highborn even turned on themselves. The toffs in Celeda Ablan thought them who stayed in Vetia weren’t civilised enough to be worth rescuing, left them to the mercy of the beasts and orcsies. The ones who made it back weren’t even allowed on the Islands, had to settle the Western lands. Had a big war about it - now we’ve got bloody dread elves!