Canrac and Asfâda

Honoured headmaster,

I am writing to you with my latest findings into the investigation of the demise of your nephew in the battle of Tulpenfeld during the Silver Stoat incident. At a recent audience at a mansion of one of the Aldan nobles I had the dubious honour of meeting one our elven “colleagues” and the displeasure to be quite rudely schooled for my apparent ignorance on the subject of Arandai institutions of learning. Though it is no secret to anyone who deals in elven lore that they possess universities akin to our own the level of ideological divide between them has to date, as far as I am aware, been completely unknown. Our esteemed institutions do bicker and squabble, yet our differences seem petty in comparison focusing on tithes and coin rather than the very soul of a civilisation. My ‘tutor’ relished the opportunity to ‘educate’ me on the matter.

As far as I was able to ascertain around the time of the Holy Maiden there was a schism at the fabled university of Asfada. A group of individuals that my interlocutor named as apostates accused the rest for the calamities of the preceding ages due to what they saw as the abandonment of what it truly meant to be an elf. These ‘misguided’ souls decided to debase their calling by reintroducing the teachings of elven feral ancestors and opening their minds to the heretical ideas from across the western sea in their foolish quest for perfection. To conceal their heresy they wrapped their path to ‘enlightenment’ in religious dogma claiming that through their actions they honour the gods – Amhar, Meritaur, Meladys, Amryl and Nab – and maintain the balance of the elven spirit.

Yet my ‘tutor’ claimed they failed completely in their quest and only managed to tarnish their elven nobility by inviting savagery into their hearts and minds, no longer being worthy to be called scholars but slaughterers and conjurers of cheap tricks. The picture I was painted of these so-called Masters of Canrac perfectly matches the reports from Tulpenfeld and the description of the flaxen haired whirlwind who carved a bloody path through the burgermeister’s retinue, yet there was nothing cheap about her ability. The level of gusto with which the Asfad mage flung dirt at his rivals casts doubt on the veracity of his story. I have put a petition before the relevant offices of the Pearl Throne to be allowed to contact Canrac or gain access to one of the elven libraries of Aldan and learn the truth for myself.

I hope this letter finds you well and the perpetrator of the crime will be brought to justice soon, even if it would only be elven justice.

Yours faithfully
Gunther Faust