An Ambassador to the Elven Court

My young friend,

Serving as the liaison between our beloved Empire and the heirs of the White Queen is a burdensome assignment. Elves are a spiteful people beneath the cordial airs enacted for official events. Their grace in words, voice and movement can turn swiftly lethal. Pay attention to your behaviour; they love formality, and you should respect their ceremonies. You always refer to an Admiral as Herald of the Pearl Throne, Eyes of the Most Precious Jewel of the Elven Race, the White Queen.

Do not underestimate the importance of the political affiliation among the officers you talk to. They will subscribe to one of the three primary factions within the Imperial Council: the Isolationists, who care only for the internal affairs of the White Islands; the Imperialists, seeking expansion and international prestige (especially difficult to deal with for Vetians); and the Mercantile faction, our greatest ally in elven politics.

Don’t be daunted by their towering pride at the outset of your mission. If you’ll act respectfully, they will likely find a use for you, for all their talk of human primitives. But do not expect genuine friendship under any circumstances.