Highborn Elves

Lords of the White Isles

To sail the oceans of the world is to risk encounter with the self-appointed masters of the seas. With mighty fleets protecting their island home, the Arandai Empire rises and falls with the tides of time, but its reach is always felt across the continents. By the gleam of silvered armour, or by ordered cries from grand warships, you may know of the approach of the Highborn Elves.

Though the Highborn have retreated from many of their former conquests, they continue to hold outposts on islands and coastlines across the globe. Marshalled by the government of the Pearl Queen, Arandai galleons dominate the seas and control much of the global seatrade. Well-equipped garrisons display the deadly grace of the elves, honed over centuries of training and coupled with powerful magic. Highborn towers are circled by wondrous beings of legend, while inside, great minds apply themselves to dreams of splendour and glory.

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For millennia, Highborn Elves have used great fleets to exert control in lands around the world. From their homeland on Celeda Ablan to the farthest reaches of the Empire, the Arandai continue to influence world events on a grand scale.


The forces of the Highborn Elves army can be played based on mighty winged dragons, elite infantry, a defensive army where forces are split between shooting at range and selective combats, or as an aggressive army trying to overwhelm the opponent with many fast and hard-hitting threats. Highborn Elves are well armed and armoured but have little toughness behind their plate and mail.

Lore of Highborn Elves


Among the more unusual flora native to Sagarikadesha is camillia. An unremarkable shrub producing miniature white flowers in spring, the plant appears to have no use in either cuisine or medicine. And yet, as you may know, camillia was one of the primary reasons for the vast effort and resources invested by the Highborn Elves in their colonisation of this country, and trade in its leaves still accounts for a remarkable portion of Celeda Ablan’s economic activity. After many months in one of the plantations, the overseer deigned to show me how the leaves – picked at precisely the right moment – could be left to dry, then rolled, fermented, fired briefly in an oven and finally soaked in boiling water to to create a strange, tasteless beverage. I could not see the reason for such a concoction, but it was explained to me that it is highly prized among elves, because it acts as an opiate on their sensitive physiology, helping them control some of the primal urges of their ancestors.

From the Herbarium Sagarikense, by Georg Eber

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