The Fifth Age

An Age of Plague the Third of Ruin
Redoubled might, redoubled maille
We thicken armour, sharpen blade
We harden hearts, and bolster soul
Unknown to us new foes drew In
We paid it back the gift of men
Who came to aid when so beset
We shared the greatest gift of all
The gift of stone and mountain’s call
Thus we built great Avras’ wall

The Mountains White once lost to us
We marched upon and took anew
Alliance made at last with men
A peace to hold and carry forth
O’er earth and mount an honoured trust
At last we saw our hidden foe
As elf slew elf across the sea
Great sickness spread ‘cross ev’ry land
And vermin rose upon its wake
To murder men and dwarf to woe

The empire fell the rats took throne
Did murder life and poison land
They left in wake but Avras’ bone