The Ballad of Korontav Moor

Died in vain, heros all.
Duthar and Telvan did stride among them;
Two Seekers striving to meet their Gods.

Their foe was the Rat-Men, five-thousand strong;
Dark magics, fell machines and monstrosities thronged!
With heavy hearts did the Clan sally fourth;
Led by Seekers, upon the Moor.

Late was the hour that the two forces clashed;
The wrath of the Rat-God sending fire and flash.
Woe to the Clan.
A meteor was called;
Blazing from the sky.

Brave and foolhardy,
Telvan stood tall;
Facing his doom, the comet did fall.
It struck him from this earth with a mighty blow;
The fate of the hero in sight of his Gods. Telvan!

The melee swirled upon Korontav hill;
The vermin’s plagues spreading ill.
Upon his hellish steed, the tyrant did shriek;
Onwards to victory!

The battle was lost, yet honour demanded;
The last stand of Duthar the bloody-handed.
He smote the beast a terrible wound.
Deep in the neck of the gigantic rat.

A mortal blow.
Yet the Rat struck in return.
The Seeker was felled at the battles turn.
In sight of his Gods, Duthar did not flinch.
Once more his axe hewed.

Deep into the neck of the best it went;
With his deathblow Duthar’s life was spent.
Monstrosity and chieftain fell.
Slain to the earth. Duthar!

After brave last stand the battle was done.
Upon Korontav Moor, noble Dwarves were none.
Tragedy of the clan.
Failure of the hold.
Death of the Seekers.

Now lad. Leave me to my cup.