Meltavs View of an Infernal Artillery Weapon

" Meltav. You’re a dwarf." "An’ you’re observant.

Was it th’ beard or th’ axe that gave it away?"

"What I mean, Meltav, is that you might have some keen tactical insights to offer on the foe this company faces tomorrow."

"Ah, stow it Vicenzo. These’re Eastern Dwarves - from th’ Infernal lands. Barely know a bloody thing abou’ them."


"Ah, fine. I saw them guns while they were wheelin’ them in t’ position. Big basts’ they are. Overengineered if y’ ask me."

"Yes Meltav, we are asking you."

"Fine, fine. They look odd. Any guildsman worth his pay would make his guns to a tried an’ true method, an’ y’ could tell what they do by the way they look. Those? Look bloody obscene. Damned if’n I have the foggiest what they’re s’posed t’ do."