Males and Females, Kings and Queens

Are dwarves patriarchal, or are there dwarven queens?
An interesting point, which strikes at dwarven society on a wider level. Dwarves appear to have little regard for gender. Male and female dwarves can be clearly distinguished, but aside from the duties of childrearing, they both participate at all levels of dwarven society.
The word “King” is our best translation for their title, yet there are no gender specific titles, and no special honours afforded to the partners of a King. I have observed female Kings as regularly as males in the records.
This focus on merit runs very strongly through their society. Inheritance has no direct translation in Dwarven. Parents and children work toward a common cause but handed down wealth and power is all but unknown.
To some, this represents an equality and industrious attitude through dwarven society.
Yet for others, their every effort is turned to work, whereas privilege in our society affords elites to turn their mind to more elevated and intellectual concerns.