Magic and Runelore

The Dwarves of Vetia shun the nether powers, unlike their eastern brethren. But if a hold-dwarf were to learn magic somehow, what would happen to him? Would he be shunned, exiled, imprisoned, executed? If executed, could he find refuge with his eastern kin?
I can’t say I have spoken with any dwarves at length on this topic, they seem to be rather closemouthed whenever matters of the arcane are raised. From my own studies, I have found the dwarven relationship with magic to be one of necessity rather than choice or culture. The wolfram which dwarves craft into all manner of potent enchantments appears to draw magic from the surrounding area, once one schooled in the arts has worked rune into it. I have speculated that this is the source of its capacity for power, yet the very quality which gives it this potential makes it very hard to study with magic. Wizards on the battlefield report that being in proximity of so many runes can make it difficult to cast spells effectively. Now imagine living within a hold, surrounded by items crafted with wolfram, of which every hold dwarf appears to possess and carry at least one, and it is soon apparent why most dwarves in that situation do not display or develop a magical aptitude. I have heard stories, albeit rare and not something I have substantiated personally, that dwarves with a talent and a desire to learn have made that unlikely transition from the holds of the mountains to the ziggurats of the plains. Certainly, those who can cast spells are well respected by the Infernal Dwarves, making it a more natural home.