Dathen and the Obsidian Thrones

Sources I can find portray a grim picture of the birth of the nation of Dathen. It seems that in the First Age of Ruin, the Highborn’s Vetian provinces faced formiddable threats from barbarian hordes and dwarven enmity. Many elves fled into the West, settling in the colonies that the Pearl Throne had already established in Silexia, and began to tame that wild region. Yet this work made them grow resentful of the Aldan nobles who sought to profit from what they were building, and who had sent no aid to them in Vetia before. Aldan’s control was rejected, sparking a civil war that coincided with internal revolt in the Highborn’s home island of Celeda Ablan. It seems that in this war the ruthless spirit of the Dread Host was born and set forever, and the independence of their nation secured. To this day, Daeb ships bring terror around the world.

The Obsidian Thrones are the very core and symbol of power of the Republic. Upon them, the three Crimson Consuls embody the will of the Senate, a body of 9 9 elected individuals seated in the Tower of Gar Daecos in Rathaen. But there are other key players in the Daeb’s great game of intrigue, power and ambition - it appears three principal factions dominate the politics of this land. At the time of Sonnstahl’s birth, our people suffered a terrible assault under the auspices of the first of these: the Fatherland faction, which seeks to reclaim its lost realms in Vetia. The second, the Motherland Faction, attracts those who desire dominion over the old Empire and the Republic’s greatest enemies: the Highborn of Celeda Ablan. Finally there are the Slavers, often popular among the youngest Daeb, or the most daring on the seas. Their faction looks only to Silexia as its homeland, and seeks to build its power on trade... which in Dathen means slavery.