Citizens of Dathen, I Salute You!


Today we commend you to the service of the Fatherland, free citizens and true. Your time in the academy is complete, and you leave as Legionnaire or Auxiliary - a proud soldier of the Republic, bringing great honour to your family. Bonds you have made in these bloodied courtyards will last a lifetime, and what you do with that life is your own inalienable right to decide. Some of you will return to your farms, upstanding citizens supporting your family. Some will enter the politics of Rathaen. And some will join military expeditions or levy them, aiding the great might of our people to display its unsurpassed strength and will to dominate the world. The very finest of you may even be selected to compete to be reborn with a new name in the Tower Guard. Whatever your future holds, whether sailor or warrior, knight or planter, trader or senator, you will never forget what you have learned here at the academy, and you will never cease your quest for self-perfection. Citizens of Dathen: I salute you!