Dread Elves

Legions of Fear

On every coast, in every port, the sighting of black sails is met with instant horror. Theirs is a name well earned from centuries of reaving and slaving, sparing none who fall beneath their whips. Feel the chains of fear upon your heart, with the approach of the Dread Elves.

The Republic of Dathen in Silexia represents the largest dominion of Dread Elves, a hotbed of politics and intrigue centred upon the Obsidian Thrones within the Tower of Gar Daecos. Religion too shapes this society, and the most powerful cults dominate both civilian and military life. Perhaps the greatest weapon of fear in the arsenal of the Dread Elves is the Menagerie: a collection of monstrous creatures which the Daeb bend to their will.

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Daeb raiding ships are known to attack shores around the world in swift and terrifying raids.

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The nation of the Dread Elves is the Republic of Dathen, settled in ancient times by pioneers and refugees.


The Dread Elves often use a mixed arms approach. That means a mixture of short and long range shooting with different combat elements and magic support. They can also focus on a main infantry unit, supporting it with several smaller units to make sure it gets the combat it wants. A completely different approach is to play a mixture of minimum sized units of elite infantry, or monsters, or hard hitting cavalry and chariots. A lot of mobile shooting can also be used to "dance" around the Opponent while Shooting their units.

Lore of Dread Elves

The Fate of a Son

The Highborn do not often speak to humans on such matters, seeing us unworthy of intelligent conversation. But I was moved by the plight of your son and I pushed my contacts in Aldan as hard as I could for information. I must be blunt, it appears that if he has been taken by the Dread Elves his fate can only be enslavement. There are two most likely outcomes. First he may be put to work in the docks servicing the mighty fleet of Daeb privateers , operated by citizen traders solely for profit, constituting perhaps the most formidable naval force in the world, second he may be sent to a plantation in the vast, unknown interior of Silexia, where Dathen’s slave tilled lands stretch no one knows how far.

Finally he may be sold to a household in one of the nation’s great cities on its eastern shores. Huge metropolises by elven standards. Even the poorest elf has at least one slave to call his own they say. You must know it is almost unheard of for the vassals of the Dread to return to their former homes.

I can only imagine you pain at this news. You have my sympathy.

Intercepted Letter between Sonnsthaller Traders

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