Dread Elves

Legions of Fear

On every coast, in every port, the sighting of black sails is met with instant horror. Theirs is a name well earned from centuries of reaving and slaving, sparing none who fall beneath their whips. Feel the chains of fear upon your heart, with the approach of the Dread Elves.

The Republic of Dathen in Silexia represents the largest dominion of Dread Elves, a hotbed of politics and intrigue centred upon the Obsidian Thrones within the Tower of Gar Daecos. Religion too shapes this society, and the most powerful cults dominate both civilian and military life. Perhaps the greatest weapon of fear in the arsenal of the Dread Elves is the Menagerie: a collection of monstrous creatures which the Daeb bend to their will.


The Dread Elves often use a mixed arms approach. That means a mixture of short and long range shooting with different combat elements and magic support. They can also focus on a main infantry unit, supporting it with several smaller units to make sure it gets the combat it wants. A completely different approach is to play a mixture of minimum sized units of elite infantry, or monsters, or hard hitting cavalry and chariots. A lot of mobile shooting can also be used to "dance" around the Opponent while Shooting their units.

Lore of Dread Elves

Fog of War

We fought the Dread Elves at the Black Sound, a small but deep bay in the northern provinces. I was serving as a marine aboard Knight Commander Branberg’s own flagship, the Ambition’s End. That was the first and only time I’ve fought those Sunna damned creatures. You think you know about curses and magic Inquisitor? Think again. Their witches were able to bring up fogs from nowhere, lead us on wild chases, and confound sailors who were as salt as any you’ll find sailing the world. And that was nothing compared to what they could do to you if they met your gaze, it’s as if every shame and secret you hold is laid out in front of them. Let me fight a man or dwarf any day, at least they’ll just kill me, a witch will just make you wish it were so.

Sgt. Matthias Neshil, henchman to Inquisitor Norrick Friselander

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