Daemon Legions

From Beyond the Veil

The hellish agents of the Dark Gods lurk unseen behind the thinnest of barriers separating our world from theirs. Enemies of every mortal power, they are merciless and single-minded, appearing in every hideous form, an endless writhing throng of horror. Submit to the summoning ritual, and test your sanity before the Daemon Legions.

Within the maelstrom of shifting power that is the Abyss, there are greater and lesser currents that represent the infinite forms of the Legion. At the heart of these vortices lie the Dark Gods, and Father Chaos behind them, for only the most powerful of Supernals can forge their own path in the Immortal Realm. The Mortal Realm, however, offers new prospects, for here a daemon can manifest in whichever kind of physical form it desires. This it uses to sow discord and despair, all in service of dark masters and unfathomable goals.

T9A world map name Daemon Legions map
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Across the world, wherever their cultists work in secret, daemons can be summoned and manifest in the Mortal Realm to carry out their unknowable purposes.

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In areas of high magic, daemons can cross the Veil unaided, and whole armies may emerge from these places to ravage nearby lands.


The Daemon Legions army is an army of specialists and is perfect for a player who likes to have options when mustering their troops. It can excel at every single facet of the game it concentrates on, but at the price of being weak against something else. The Daemons rely on their power from the veil to protect them, and so they have little to no physical Armour when fighting. Numerous manifestations and options give the Daemon Legions player options to find the correct combination of experts and generalists to fight against an opponents forces.