The Intelligence of the Herd

Q: How intelligent are the Beast Herds? Are they purely driven by primal instincts or is there a grander plan for their herds? Are minotaurs just big wildhorns, or do they have their own tribes and agendas?

A: In the current day, the herds are found on every continent, and contest those lands with their other inhabitants. The herds are diverse in culture and appearance across the world. Of the two general types of herds, the warherds are led by bestial chieftains. They are autocratic but prone to leadership challenges - sometimes resulting in the death of chief or challenger. Leaders gain favour if they demonstrate martial prowess and accumulate great stories told about them.

While minotaurs sometimes have their own tribes, most times they are found living in and with the other beasts of the herds. Like all tribal peoples, individual tribes have their own goals, agendas, and concerns. The question of the intelligence of beast-men is a harder one to address, for while the beasts all have similar intellect to humans, their behaviours are governed by their nature differently than that of human people. Beast-men are quicker to violence than humans, and less likely to use missiles because of reasons of biology more than any condition of intellect. That said, it would be a mistake to disregard them as mere creatures of instinct, the beasts and their leaders are very cunning and discerning.