The Fall of Beasts

The Age of War, of Ruin the Fourth
The time our foes do fight betwixt
We sharpen axe we ready blade
In dungeons deep we plan and wait
For chance to move our armies forth

Each Thane each King each soldier in
Our people sworn to hold the line
To march together step in step
To turn each foeman’s sword aside
With faith in kin alone we win

And yet with all in steel and arms
Our fight was not without its trials
The orcs had numbers beyond count
And war thus raged across the age
With no-one spared its many harms

For all this though we did win out
No hope had orcs enclosed by all
To beasts they fell and feast be made
No hope had beast whose end was next
As Vermin Swarm did make them rout

Yet far kin sorely sought respite
Did plot to win with daemon fire
And risk all life in burning blight