The Beasts Did Rise

The Age of Death, the loss of gold
A time when earth would swallow whole
Nor fae nor men nor orc nor we
All lost and toss’d and bent and broke
A time of pain to each ring Hold

The beasts did rise and burn and loot
No wall of shield or hold could stand
And fickle elves did leave and run
And men so quick to alter word
Do promise cut and render mute

The dead did rise on southern shore
An empire dead its heart torn out
No aid to come from human hands
The hour grew dark, and foes in count
So press’d were we, like ne’er before

We call on elves to help us hold
‘Gainst all that stood to break us then
And end the light of dwarven works
They turn’d their backs on us those days
Betraying us, with scandal bold

Now allies old do stand as foes
As mountains fall so too we break
And thus bring close this Age of Woes
(from The 9th Age Fantasy Battles Rulebook 1.3.5.)