An Age of Iron

An Age of Ruin, an Age of Iron
As split was world so too were we
Our only hope a foreign truce
With Avras proud we did ally
To war ‘gainst fate we did return

From elves disloyal no aid was found
‘Cross endless sea retreat and flee
Unfit they are of dwarven aid
Not worth the fire of dwarven rage
The path they tread is ruin bound

Of orcs of men of beasts no end
Now war and siege and misery
As one we kill so sprout two more
And flight nor fight avail a dwarf
Our dominance so too now rent

Endless foes did split us sunder
The orc and beast our gates did press
The hold’s rings split like maille from axe
No valour won could mend the loss
As foreign blades took our plunder

Our kith and kin no longer free
Our axe and shields unequal were
Our vengeance sworn forever be