Beast Herds

Out of the Wilds

From the dark depths of feral forests, from the wide untamed plains, and from every wild place beyond the gaze of civilisation, nature’s savage heart strikes without warning. Feel the ground tremble beneath thunderous hooves, shiver at the howls of the hunt, and know that you are stalked by the Beast Herds.

The Herds comprise all manner of creatures, appearing like local fauna yet able to fight like men, with origins shrouded in the mists of time. Mighty creatures stride through the forests by their side, spreading terror in their wake. Marked in the womb by shamanic rituals and tribal magics, fueled by the desire to prove themselves worthy of the great stories of their peoples, the Herds view the sedentary nations as little more than a convenient larder and a testing ground for glory.

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Most Beast Herds follow migratory routes on a seasonal basis, following paths only they know – no matter who tries to stop them.

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In the dank morass of the Bog of Beasts, some Beast Herds find permanent homes for their Hiddenherds, and others find a year-round stopping point on their migrations.


The Beastherds have many units which can harass an opponents deployment and play by using their ambush special rules. Beastherds also have access to bring a lot of chariots to the battle, giving them a fast and dangerous counter to enemy forces. A wide array of monsters and other fast units is often used to surround the opponent and then crush their forces with overwhelming might. Beastherds excel at mobility, using hard hitting units, and ambush tactics to beat their opponents.

Lore of Beast Herds

The Intelligence of the Herd

Q: How intelligent are the Beast Herds? Are they purely driven by primal instincts or is there a grander plan for their herds? Are minotaurs just big wildhorns, or do they have their own tribes and agendas?

A: In the current day, the herds are found on every continent, and contest those lands with their other inhabitants. The herds are diverse in culture and appearance across the world. Of the two general types of herds, the warherds are led by bestial chieftains. They are autocratic but prone to leadership challenges - sometimes resulting in the death of chief or challenger. Leaders gain favour if they demonstrate martial prowess and accumulate great stories told about them.

While minotaurs sometimes have their own tribes, most times they are found living in and with the other beasts of the herds. Like all tribal peoples, individual tribes have their own goals, agendas, and concerns. The question of the intelligence of beast-men is a harder one to address, for while the beasts all have similar intellect to humans, their behaviours are governed by their nature differently than that of human people. Beast-men are quicker to violence than humans, and less likely to use missiles because of reasons of biology more than any condition of intellect. That said, it would be a mistake to disregard them as mere creatures of instinct, the beasts and their leaders are very cunning and discerning.

Sigmund Selig - Ninth Scroll, Issue 5

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